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般若 | Hannya

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京都の能面師、寺井一佑による能面「般若(はんにゃ)」です。 ご注文を受けてから、制作に1ヶ月半〜2ヶ月のお時間をいただき、完成後の発送となります。 専用の面袋に入れた上で、梱包してお送りします。 Some people may think Nohmasks are scary. It is because of this Hannya mask. Hannya was originally a woman. But because of jealousy, she transformed into a serpent. Hannya has gold eyes, tooth and horns. In the field of Nohmask, the color of gold means un-humanity. For example the color of gold is used for God, ghost, demon etc. Hannya is on the way to lose her human nature.

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